Belbin® Team Profiling and Team Training Day

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  • Participants will complete an online BELBIN Self perception and observer profile in advance of the training day (during the week before the training day)
  • a series of team exercises designed to highlight the team aspects of task focus, people focus and cerebral thinking.
  • Discussion of the team performance in the tasks to assist understanding;
  • Presentation to gain understanding of the BELBIN team roles
  • Presentation and discussion of individual profiles to provide self awareness of each persons “preferred roles”, “manageable roles”, and “least preferred roles”.
  • Discussion on the current team roles and considerations for the future.


  • Give each participant a clear understanding of their strongest team role as seen by themselves and by their colleagues;
  • Improve understanding of individual strengths
  • Increases appreciation of others and promotes co-operation
  • Improves both individual and team performance.
  • Assess the business objectives against the team profile
  • Helps identify “gaps” in a team and how to address them
  • Develop an action plan based on the self awareness and learning