Beyond the Comfort Zone – Realising your potential


Suitable for any employee wishing to fulfil more of their potential. This programme gets participants to consider what “Peak Performance” looks like in their current roles to develop a vision for what they could do and an action plan of how to get there.


This workshop involves some theory coupled with personal discovery through team exercises and some personal challenges involving outdoor activities. By the end of the course you should be able to identify:

  • What your current potential is and why it is not being fulfilled Specific strategies you use for realising your potential
  • What peak performance is and what it would look like in your specific role
  • What knowledge and skills you need to develop in order to achieve Peak Performance
  • What attitude you need to develop to become a Peak performer
  • Blocks that hold you back
  • Your personal motivators
  • Actions to improve your self discipline and thus realise your potential

The course examines the equation:

Performance = (Potential – Blocks) x Motivation

Beyond Your Comfort Zone


3 days – off-site residential