Bridging Innovation


This program explores the five stages of innovation and engages participants in the processes behind the commercialisation of new developments, opportunities or research findings. The programme provides practical guidance on how to explore, initiate, develop, plan and manage the key steps in the innovation process. With emphasis on understanding the practical issues of intellectual property, resourcing and budget planning the programme includes full participation, using structured exercises, team working, discussions, workshops, and presentation feedback at the stage of the innovation process.


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Plan and manage an innovation project through its defined stages
  • Efficiently identify “drop out” points or “dead ends”
  • List the expected outcomes from each stage of the innovation cycle
  • Use tried and tested methods to manage resources, time and costs
  • Understand the key skills needed at each stage of the innovation cycle
  • Organise and structure an effective team project
  • Design and manage a results and outcome focused project plan
  • Scope, initiate and manage a project to a successful conclusion

Programme Focus

  • Introduction to the Innovation Process
  • Initiating Innovative thinking
  • Planning an Innovation Project
  • Understanding “drop out points” and “dead ends”
  • Innovation Project Simulation
  • Monitoring and focusing on Results
  • Budgeting and managing timescales


4 days