Insights – Powerful Interaction

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The Insights workshop is designed to aid personal development. It supports individuals to achieve their goals through self-understanding, individual growth and a common language for interaction and organisational development. Each person, whilst sharing some behavioural patterns and cultural differences with their fellow beings, is a unique individual on their own personal journey through life.

The INSIGHTS REPORT can also be use for Growth/Development Planning – looking at future development and succession planning, and is also a good tool to use when recruiting for a new team member or for someone to head a department/division or project.


Understand Self

To develop an understanding of self and the perception of others, including colleagues. To recognise strengths and weaknesses and understand my areas for development in sales and generally.

Understand Others

To recognise others’ behavioural styles and learn how to respond effectively to others’ needs

Adapt and Connect

Meet the needs of others by understanding their personal needs better and by acting on these needs. To learn how to adapt out behaviour to connect powerfully with others.

Develop Usable Interpersonal Strategies

To explore effective strategies in dealing with different or even ‘difficult’ people or colleagues, and to realise the benefits of a team approach.


Ideally this should be done with an Intact Team