Successful Influence


As organisations become flatter and individuals work in a more of a Matrix environment , there is an increased need to Influence people over which you have no direct control. This requires increased flexibility in the way we try and Influence people.


To be successful in a busy cross-functional organization, you need to be skilful and flexible in the way your influence others. This advanced level learning program examines your preferred methods of Influencing and gets you to understand and practise alternative approaches to bring results in areas or with people where you are currently not getting the results you want.

At the end of the program participants will have:

  • Determined the difference between Influence , Power and Manipulation
  • Understood that Influence does not take place in isolation and will have discussed factos that could affect your ability to Influence.
  • Have identified different Influencing behaviours and be able to describe their appropriate use and effectiveness.
  • Practice development of a couple of behaviours.
  • Finally they will create action plans for a specific influence situations.


1 day