Time Management


Learn how to manage your time for personal effectiveness and success.

Understand how to prioritise work.

Realize the importance of delegation and learn how to balance your workload to make the best use of your time.


  • Understand the significance of distinguishing between activities which are urgent and important
  • Have identified those things which are most important to you
  • Have identified strategies to reduce time spent on activities which are unimportant
  • Understand the importance of focusing on roles and relationships and not just activities
  • Have a better understanding of the causes of stress, recognize the symptoms and develop a greater ability to deal with it
  • Have moved away from a task driven schedule to a proactive planning system that helps you achieve your priorities
  • Be able to deal more effectively with interruptions, procrastination and your own personal time stealers
  • Have a plan for achieving a better work/life balance


1 day


All employees