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Management and Leadership

Management & Leadership

We specialise in developing training for Managers / Leaders at all levels of the organisation.

People Development

We have developed a range of highly regarded and effective bespoke programmes focusing on general development.

Team Building & Facilitation

We have a lot of experience with Team Building events ranging from meeting rooms to outward bounds courses.

Recruitment & Assessment

We have a lot of experience in designing and running assessment centres to improve the effectiveness of your recruitment process.


We offer a whole range of skill building courses which can be run in house.

NG-Training works with you to develop customized training interventions to address your specific business issue.

We specialise in developing your managers and staff, Coaching, meeting facilitation, team building , improving your recruitment process, creating and engaging people in your vision, developing specific skills in individuals or across the organization, and ultimately improving the performance of your business.

NG-Training has 20 years experience of designing and delivering training and development programmes across Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

Whilst outline content is listed for courses, our preferred approach is to develop bespoke solutions based on specific business needs and desired outcomes.

We will often customise using different topics from a variety of courses to address the specific issues, thereby giving a more effective intervention.

This is far more beneficial to the learners and the organisation than offering off-the shelf packages.

We are also keen to ensure we do not just deliver “sheep dip” training, but ensure there is appropriate discussion with managers before attendance; to clarify objectives , required behavioural change and how success will be measured, that suitable examples are taken to the training to work on , and a follow up plan is established to ensure learning is applied and embedded into the workplace.

“There are only 2 things you need to understand about people, we are all very different and we are all very similar”