People Development

  • Many highly regarded and effective bespoke programmes have been developed focusing on general development, ranging from 1 day to 5 day residential courses through to 12-18 month development programmes.
  • A typical format is to conduct a skills evaluation,360 feedback or SWOT analysis , conduct various activities or exercises to further increase their self awareness and discover their personal values. They would then examine career concepts and career paths from which they would start to develop a future personal and career vision and actions to accompany that development.
  • This would be validated and supported by their line manager and development actions agreed linked to the relevant company competencies.
  • Participants would support each others development through on going reviews coaching and action learning sets.
  • Progress would be evaluated by self , action learning set, managers and pre identified stakeholders.
  • Programmes can be developed to cover a wide range of needs
  • Licensed in programmes include:

Specific Skills Development

Many courses can be offered to improve specific skills areas see Courses